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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Work is WORK !

In 2005 when we were looking at cars Hottie was reading reviews and adopted a phrase she read. "Bigger is always bigger." As my sons and I labored on our bathroom remodel this weekend, I altered the phrase to, "work is WORK!"

Riding to work and then home again yesterday my hands were a little numb. I was nervous that maybe it was a signal of a more serious biking problem. With FRANCE looming, I was nervous. Driving in today, my hands were numb on the steering wheel and I realized it was simply the result of holding a hammer all weekend.

I am so grateful for the hard work my sons did helping us with the demolition, removal and framing for the remodel. We are moving walls and going down to the studs on the walls that are staying. The only thing that will be the same is the location of one toilet. The other toilet (in the other bathroom) and all sinks are moving. The hall closet is being eaten by a new closet and our mini office is giving way to a tiny closet.

I feel a thousand years old and I skipped the gym today in favor of a bit of a lie in.

Once I get some Dave bars in me I will feel strong and jump right back in. One of my teammates commented that all he would need to climb Alp d'Huez would be one of my bars. He quipped, "you can taste all twenty-one turns in these bars."

In the meantime, I will whine in my blog and look forward to dry weather..

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