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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Three weekends to go


When I started laying out training plans for the Alps trip, I had over 3,000 miles of riding. If you will allow me 20 miles of variance, I'm right on track. We went ninety last Saturday and I lived a pretty normal life Saturday afternoon and evening. If not for the remodel, I could have done it again on Sunday. This isn't to say I wasn't tired, but I wasn't crying either.

I am down to the short strokes on equipment selection. When your list gets down to things like sunscreen you are sitting pretty. I had planned on starting to cut my food intake in mid May, but my weight has been going where I had hoped.

I keep looking at the calendar and having a moment of panic, the remembering that My training is on track. I am doing some reconnaissance via the Internet of some of the climbs we will be doing. Talk about intimidating.

I think one of my strengths is recovery. This will be key to my survival in the French Alps. I am anxious to see if I still think recovery is an Evo strong point come July...

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