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Monday, May 14, 2012

Weekend report

Saturday dawned sunny and dry.  My teammates and I had two things on the agenda: Miles and Hills.  We rolled out nine strong and the sunshine was wonderful.

The miles came at the usual pace, but we were hunting for hills.  I thought it was a dream, but we actually were joined by the legend known as Hank.

Tim was, as always, not only riding, but leading the way.  Although Hank pulled away from me at the base of Sake Pass and Mt. Squak, both times I slowly reeled him in.  Evo is getting fit.
We had a beautiful day.  Bare arms and naked knees.  A cyclist nirvana.  By the time we called it done, we had over seventy miles and close to 7,000 feet of climbing.

Sunday was even better.  I made Hottie her favorite breakfast..

French Toast and Hash Browns.  Living the dream.  Then I went for a ride with my favorite riding partner..

Hottie and I went for a nice ride. She was faster than I expected.  I'm sure we'll be going around Lake Washington before the summer is over.

Alas, then it was time to resume phase two of the remodel....



Yes, I'm making a mess.....

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