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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sugoi Shoe Cover Review

Sugoi Shoe Covers
In my world there are three reasons for putting something on the outside of your shoe. For purposes of this discussion the first reason is aerodynamics. That comes into play in my life less than ten times a year, so let's just set that one on the shelf.  The second reason is to keep your feet warm when it is cold outside. Toe warmers on a chilly morning are a smart move.  Thick shoe covers when the temperatures are around freezing is a life saver. The final reason, and our topic for today, is to keep your feet dry when it is wet.  Since the only thing that is warm when it is wet is a hot tub, I think that anything designed to address warmth or water should also go pretty far down the other path as well.

Last March on an epic ride that has become known as the "gross sock ride," Dave F was sporting some spendy shoe covers to keep his feet warm and dry. His feet got soaked. Soaked in 37 degree weather means his feet were frozen blocks at the southern end of his legs.  Dave didn't whine and soldiered on despite losing feeling in his pieds. The manufacturer said the product wasn't meant to keep your feet dry. They were right.

The next few days we shared emails lamenting our frustration with various shoe covers. Finally, Tim jumped into the discussion and after proclaiming himself a shoe cover snob, pointed both Dave and Evo to the Sugoi shoe cover.

This is the one to have.  We have had some typical spring weather here is Seattle, wet and wetter. These babies do the job. They are well thought out and deliver the mail. Here are the typical problems and how the Sugoi stacks up.
Seam front and center that lets in water. - Seam is there and not a drop gets in.
Zipper cuts into the back of your leg. - Wonderful little flap that keeps you intact
Hard to get on. - These are easy as pie. Easy to get on, easy to get off.
Some flap in the wind. - These look sleek in a Darth Vader kind of way.
Feet get soaked because no place for sweat to go. - I don't know how they do it, but my shoes and socks are dry.  Warm toes in snow boots kind of cozy.

These are reasonably priced as well.

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