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Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I'm letting the cat out of the bag right here, right now.  Some bold talk at a couple of post ride coffee stops turned into a plan.  Hottie said, "go ahead" and it became my plan. I've been holding out on my readers, but there is a reason I've logged over two thousand freakin' miles so far in 2012.

We'll be riding the Col du Galibier. It will be the hill we do after Col du Telegraph but before Alp d'Huez on a long day in the saddle.  Tim talked to Horst, who runs a tour company nine of my teammates used five years ago. He asked if we could get some special treatment if we sold out a tour. Nineteen of my friends and I are heading for the Alps June 21st.   It will be like riding RAMROD everyday for a week, except prettier and, well, French.

I'm logging the miles, getting lean and ready to ride.  I'm using frequent flyer miles, so it won't be too expensive.  I'll fill you in on more of the details in upcoming posts.  I'm lucky and I know it.  I'm going to France !!!!

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