Doing it all the hard way...

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Turn back the clock

Ready for college?
Circumstances of late dictate that my work day gets started at 6:30 in the morning.  The long days of summer mean that a pre-work run isn’t entirely in the dark.  It also means that a ride after work can start at four and still have plenty of light.

The other day after a full day at the office I drove home and in no time I was in my kit filling bottles.  After checking my tire pressure I got rolling.  My body was shocked by the transition from zero physical activity all day to suddenly pedaling my bike.  “Oh, we’re doing this now?” my legs questioned me.

The climb up and away from my home is a good warm up.  I start easy and spin a low gear.  The climb goes quickly.

Thirty minutes later I am off of the roads and onto a wide bike path where I won’t be competing for space with cars.  It is rush hour now and the laws of physics clearly favor the automobiles over cyclists. 

I check my bike computer.  The agenda today is for seated thirty second power efforts every five minutes with Z3-Z4 tempo in between.  Then after six of those I hold tempo for ten minutes then I do a ten minute hard effort and return to tempo for twenty more minutes.  The idea of this workout is you don’t get to spin easy to recover. You just return to a hard, yet less than Z5, effort.

Each interval goes through the life cycle of, this is fun, this is hard, this has gone on long enough, this hurts, and finally, this is done. 
As the song goes, "Late December back in '63"
Summer is here and it is a great day to be fit and riding.  I am glad to see my arms and legs exposed to the sunshine.  My arms glisten with sweat. My bike sings as I shift smoothly up and down the cassette.  My bike feels fast and I feel strong.  

I back off my effort for the final half hour of my two hour ride, but I still throw in some “situational” efforts.  That is to say I power up the little climbs and have a couple extended out of the saddle efforts.   I coast down the hill to home feeling like I have done something.

It felt good to be doing intervals again. The training for France was largely all volume all the time.  I was nervous about throwing in any intervals.  Now, I’m not so nervous and it felt good to ratchet up my efforts.  Intervals are kind of like diets.  Everyone knows they work, it is just hard to actually do it. 
 Cleveland is where I was born.  
If America gets an enema, Cleveland will be the entry point.
One could logically ask if I feel stupid being a grandfather and doing intervals like I was twenty years old.  My answer is that when I am doing intervals; I AM twenty years old.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Team Sky and Biblical Hypocrisy

Another brick in the wall of hypocricy from David "Voldemort" Brailsford

I'm excited to have Team Sky encourage me to reduce my use of plastic.  If there is someone who has the knowledge and wisdom to tell me not to use plastic it is a bunch of guy riding plastic bikes with plastic wheels and plastic handlebars and plastic stems and plastic shift levers shifting plastic derailleur cages on bikes with plastic bottle cages holding plastic water bottles while wearing plastic helmets and shoes with plastic soles and plastic cleats.  

As if their handing out the pain killer Tramadol like Andes mints to their "clean" riders had not rung the bullshit bell.  Redefining "Marginal Gains" to mean Therapeutic Use Exemptions for Everyone!  After yet another ascent of "Trust me" mountain they have come down with tablets to tell us what to believe. They don't ask us to throw our shit away, but to not even buy shit because other people follow Brailsford's example and break the rules and don't throw their shit away and toss it in the ocean. 

You know how to make a good idea sound stupid?  
Have someone with no credibility promote it.

Without glasses and with glasses

Friday, July 6, 2018

It was wonderful

A bike.....
Good friends and good food....
The French countryside.....
Some hills.....
A nice place to defile...
A quiet spot to work on bikes.....
Good roads....
Fast company.....
Water to refill our bottles....
Jambon to fill our bellies....
And air to fill our lungs....
It was amazing.
And this cake had icing on it!

The Morgan Blues

Thunder, Lightning; this group is quite simply frightening.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018



The water seemed to me to be a different shade of bleu here. 

Monday, May 28, 2018

Rolling into France

 Coz and Lutz rolling along
We are here and riding. The combination of excitement, exhaustion and jet lag make for some challenging times. 

A little mid-ride snack. 

This was the view from our lunch stop. 
We had rain off and on and off and hard and soft and warm and cold and off and loud and breezy. 

It kept feeling like we were on bike paths. Then a car would come around the corner and we were quickly reminded that is really was a road. 

So far it is fantastic. 

Friday, May 25, 2018

And so it begins

After an all too short night, the sunrise over the North Atlantic welcomes the new day.