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Thursday, May 10, 2012


When riding, don't forget to check your blind spots.

Training is going well. I had an interesting event this week on my bike commute Tuesday.  Only two miles into my commute I downshifted and the chain didn't move and the shifter felt mushy. I pushed it again and it came off.  My SRAM Rival shifter was broken.  It wasn't new and I had not given it a lot of login'. I rode in using only my left hand shifter.
At the office I checked to see if the shifters are rebuildable. Rebuildable they are.  I popped into my LBS and they took the shifter and called me today and told me SRAM would be sending me (via the LBS) a new SET of shifters.  Well, paint me red and call me SRAM-MAN.  Way to go SRAM.  They should arrive next week.

I've been logging the miles.  I have a plan.  Back in December I was thinking that come May, I'd better be in good shape or it is too late.  It's May.  I'm in good shape.  I can ride seventy miles and climb six thousand feet and not be trashed later that day.  I can get on the bike the next day and do it again.  That will not only be helpful, it is a requirement.  No country for old men.

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