Doing it all the hard way...

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Cramming for finals

With the sound of the starter’s pistol still ringing in my ears I jumped back into training with gusto bordering on panic. Following a three day weekend of big rides I found myself spent with an ice pack resting on my knee.  The discomfort was a morbidly welcome physical reassurance that I was back on track.
I was happy to find that I had not lost all of my conditioning.  My legs weren’t where they were at the beginning of the month but there was still some power when I needed it and when the ride time passed four hours on Sunday I still had something in the tank.

There are two weekends between now and Italy. In that time frame it is possible to gain a little or lose a lot; hence the situation calls for judgment.  I need to be fit, but I better not be tired.
I can't wait to ride with those stylish Italians......


I swapped bottle cages between bikes to make the bike I’m taking to the Dolomites a few grams lighter.  While I was at it I cut a few mm off the bolt for the top cap on my stem for the same reason.  I already knew my seat post was trimmed as much as I dared. 

I looked over the bike from one end to the other with an eye focused on weight.   I even considered cable length from a weight perspective.  That led to a brief moment of sanity whereupon I said, “Enough.”

Back to function.  I checked the chain and brake pads.  I replaced both.   I stepped back and looked at the bike.  This is the final configuration.  It looks ready.  I wish I could say the same about my fitness.


Commuting Configuration
My last few rides have highlighted my journey to Dolomite fitness.  I’m not saying I’m ready, I’m just saying it has been a journey.

Here are the snapshots and my interpretation thereof:

Riding through Medina in short sleeves I was reminded of a ride on the same route with El Chefe’ where it was raining so hard a driver stopped and commented that we must be crazy or studs.  Those miserable miles built the base for this summer.
Thaw me out come June.....
Starting my morning bike commute at five thirty AM sans headlight on dry pavement was a treat.   In the light I could see the potholes and road iron that often “surprised” me on those dark winter commutes.  My Showers Pass Jacket hangs ready in the garage where it will rest all summer long.
In a rare move I added the south end of Mercer to a ride and although I kept the effort moderate I seemed to be flying. I had to double check my surroundings because the hill seemed so easy I wasn’t sure if I had really passed it. Increasing the power felt as easy as turning the knob on the radio.
What the hell would you use these for ??

I was searching for a particular glove in the back of a drawer and came across the thick winter gloves that had been standard issue back in January. They looked so cumbersome and out of place I found it hard to imagine actually wearing them.