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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Product Review Chemical Toe warmers

This is the secret “little friend” of the faithful winter rider.  These cost money so I don’t use them for commuting or for rides around an hour or less. For winter rides longer than 90 minutes these can be the difference between comfort and misery.

If it is really cold I’ll double up and put one set on my socks just north of my toes and a second set on the inside of my wrists.  The one on my wrists warms the blood going into my hands.  Now you know a secret.

Once upon a time I thought these were nothing more than expensive placebos.  However, a side by side comparison (right foot, left foot) revealed that they indeed do make a difference.   Long rides below 40 degrees F?  Don’t leave home without them.

These aren’t recyclable or reusable, nor do they have any redeeming environmental characteristics that I am aware of but they do work.  As we all will reluctantly admit - our charitable behavior is often on a sliding scale coinciding with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.  When you are cold and suffering your willingness to sacrifice for global harmony is greatly diminished.

Aside from costing most of a dollar per ride and contributing to landfill (If you think there is a global landfill problem you have been fooled by environmental hyperbole) these are pretty sweet.  They won’t replace shoe covers or warm socks but when you are doing all you can to stay warm these can play a vital role in at least postponing the cold as long as possible.

Four of Five Evos (Price being the only downside).

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