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Friday, January 22, 2016

Fuel for the fight Bob’s Red Mill products

 This is how they look at my place.  
Note the Large Print Edition Modifications...
If you aren’t familiar with Bob’s Red Mill products then it is high time to correct this error.  Most of us were initially exposed to BRM via their world renowned Steel Cut Oats. They take a bit longer to cook than the more common cardboard-like rolled oats that come in a box with a picture of some Ben Franklin look-alike guy but the resulting Bob’s Red Mill breakfast is superior in every way.

Bob’s offers a plethora of stellar whole grain products ranging from cake flour to obscure grains to raw sugar.   Every BRM item Hottie and I have tried becomes a go-to product.  If I have a race or epic ride - my day starts with BRM Corn Grits.  I embrace my Belgian side and put a couple fried eggs on top and I’m ready for anything.

Their business ethos is as remarkable as their products.  This is quite a statement considering their products are truly impressive up and down the line.  Everything is high quality with organic options galore. In an era where we are bombarded with marketing propaganda and image and style trump substance; Bob’s is the exception that let’s their products speak for themselves.

Check their stuff out here !

I get all the Paleo talk, but when it comes to needing fuel for strenuous efforts, nothing compares to whole grains.  Don’t find yourself going to battle in the pain cave without Bob’s Red Mill fueling your fight.  

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