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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Road ID product review

Sorry the words are a little smeared..

Some things just make sense. Wearing a helmet makes sense (though I oppose helmet laws as they limit freedom and tend to weaken the species). Wearing one of these makes sense as well. I can tell you that at a crash scene your mangled bike is tossed aside like dirty laundry, so all of the info in the world that is attached to your bike won't be noticed in time to be of any benefit to the urgent situation at hand.

If you are thinking that you always ride with your friends, I can tell you that I ride with the same guys every weekend and I would fail a test if asked to list all of their wives names. With a gun to my head I couldn't give you a single phone number to any of those wives, though I could name a few.

They come in an assortment of colors (with orange conspicuously missing from the options) and despite the overwhelming tendency to choose black for all bike accessories, I would recommend a different color. Any color that stands out is a good idea. Velcro adjustment means the fit will be as you like it.

In addition to the classic model I have pictured above, they offer different options. In my odd quest to own everything I purchased one that comes on a silicone band. It weighed less and I sported it all through France. On my recent day of cycling up the slopes of Mt. Rainier I lost it. I was pulling off my arm warmers after a descent and my guess is that the stretchy band came off with the arm warmer and was projected somewhere along the road down from Sunrise. Alas, it is gone forever, and so to is my recommendation for the bracelet version of Road ID. My time proven recommendation is for the Velcro version.

Competitors have emerged, but Road ID has some great commercials and appears to be a socially responsible company that supports our sport, so even Evo doesn't mind paying retail for these. I bought one for my mom (I did not opt for the DNR line in the text) and Hottie sports one as well.

I suggest you keep it where you will remember to use it. Stuck on your helmet or somewhere that you will trip on it is a good idea. It does no good stuck in your saddle bag or draped on your handlebar.

Good product, good company and practical.

Five of five Evos.


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