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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Giro Factor Review

Yep; this is what they look like

After finally admitting my feet weren't happy in their road shoes, I started looking for replacements. After reading all I could find, I tried the Giro Factor and was a fan from the start.

First off, they are light. You can't help but notice that even my 46.5's were light. They come in black, which is required. I don't care how "pro" white is, I live and ride twelve months a year in Seattle. Black it is. They come in white and red for those less conservative than Evo in their cycling attire. Good luck; God love you, enjoy your white shoes...

Despite being Giro's second tier shoe, they come with excellent insoles. The arch support can be tuned via three different sized supports. I have ridden them with the supplied insoles and super feet insoles and they both worked fine. In comparison, the insoles supplied with Sidi shoes are rumored to be made from the same cardboard as the boxes the shoes come in. (Isn't it nice I don't depend on sales of equipment and can say it like it is...)The toe box is tall enough, yet looks svelte. They close via two Velcro straps and a buckle. The center strap is offset (the purpose is lost on me, but they felt fine) and the buckle is very nice. It can be worked with numb hands and stiff fingers. I found the buckles superior to the Sidi buckles that get finicky when dirty or when being operated with cold hands.

Fit is personal and these fit my pods. No heel slip, the straps were not at either end of the spectrum. No slipping in the shoe. I rode these up to, and all around, France without a care. My feet did get hot when it was ninety degrees and I was out of the saddle racing uphill for a couple hours. What do you expect? I have worn these with thick wool socks and thin cool max socks. They fit. They adjust. They rock.

The sole is carbon and the weight (or lack thereof) of the whole shoe is noticeable on the bike. They spin up fast and while I don't want to open the whole rotating weight debate, lighter is lighter.

My sole complaint (pun intended) is that the heel tread isn't replaceable. I have worn it down and will be wearing into the carbon soon if I don't put on some shoe goo or something. Sidi sells replacements for theirs, but not so Giro. What is a boy to do?

They aren't cheap, but they go on every ride. Save money elsewhere if you must. Three color options to satisfy every ego level. Comfort every mile and apparent durability (heel tread issue aside) make these winners.

Four of five Evos.

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