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Friday, August 31, 2012

Davo's four by four Pancakes

Evo can get passionate about Pancakes. Did you notice I capitalized Pancakes? Talk about respect! I don't mean those fluffy flavorless sponges you get at Denny's. I mean hearty, stick to your ribs, feed a lumberjack he-man flapjacks. 

One of my fondest memories is making pancakes (or waffles) for my kids.   When they visit, I take most any opportunity to whip up some breakfast.  Scones, Pancakes, Waffles, and French Toast. Hottie prefers French Toast, so that is a frequent weekend treat for her.

I call these four by fours because you need to come up with four grains and four surprises. Feel free to change any of either four as you see fit.  These four happened to be in my cupboard so here they are.  The cakes were awesome.
Start with two unborn chickens. I know this really pisses off the right-to-lifers; but I don't even care anymore.  Use a whisk and whip them around for a minute or two.  It is time well invested.  While you're doing this, put your frying pan on and turn on the heat.  I usually set the oven timer to three minutes so I know when it is pre-heated.  Don't spray anything on the pan, or drop on some light olive oil  until you are ready to cook these.
Time to get down to bidness..
Once you have whipped up your two eggs, add
1/2 t salt
2T Oil or butter
2T Sugar (it makes them look good)
1.5 C Whole wheat flour
1/2 C Rolled oats
1.5T baking powder
2T Corn Grits
1/2 C White flour
2 C Milk
Mix until ALMOST mixed..
At this point you have fine pancakes. 
Here is what you do to make them AWESOME..
To the mixture add the final four..  This time around I added:
1 sliced Banana
1 handful of chocolate chips
2 T Flax Seeds
1 handful of pecans (crunched in my hand before dropped into the bowl)

Don't try and stir this with the whisk or you will be frustrated, use a big spoon.  

Time to be bold
Remember there is a reason they are called PANcakes.
When you see tiny bubbles it is time to flip it.  Feel free to take it off the stove to do this.  You may still slop a little on the side of the pan.  Welcome to the club.  It is a big club and we all smile.
Some say it is okay to throw out the first one.  There will be no throwing away these babies.

A word about ingredients.  I use BOB's RED MILL ingredients wherever I can. They have unsurpassed quality and you are supporting a good company to boot.  "BRM" supports Cyclocross.  What more do I need to say.  That's right nothing.  Shut up and make some pancakes !


mobygrape said...

whoa! 4 kinds of awesome. Can I come over for breakfast next month?


EvoDavo said...

You're welcome anytime. I thought I owed you for towing us along the Oregon coast. Dragging me up the Galibier makes you a legend.