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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Lopez Island ride with Hottie

Once or twice a year Hottie and I head north and ride around Lopez Island in the San Juans.  This looked to be the warmest weekend of the year and the stars aligned.
We made the long drive to Anacortes and made surprising time. It was warm early so there was no need for vests or arm warmers (Hottie does sport some arm "covers" to keep the sun off her limbs).  We had full bottles and some TERD bars to keep us moving.
Evo trying to look non threatening.  
They let the cyclists on the ferry first and let us secure our bikes before loading the cars.  For some it turned into a game of, "I can put my bike higher than you can."
Our sweet rides secured with a complex knot. 
Hottie enjoying the ride across the water toward Lopez.
When the ferry arrives, the cyclists get off first.  They herd us into this holding area where Hottie waits with sixty other bikers for all the cars to get off.  It seems like a hassle, but you don't get run over by rushing automobiles, so it is a fair deal.
After a "wake up climb" and less than ten minutes from the ferry terminal, you know why you came.
After riding along the coast we turned inland and began a long gradual climb. I looked behind us expecting to see the other sixty cyclists chasing, but alas, Hottie was setting a tempo nobody could match.  We were alone on a perfect day.

Hottie tops out on the steepest hill with double digit grade.  The shade was welcome. 
Just a perfect day.  This was Outer Bay at the southern end of the island. 
Sweet !!
Heading back from Outer Bay we enjoyed the cool breeze off the water.
We were getting hungry and it was about lunchtime, so we cranked it toward town (town may be a bit of a stretch).  Being creatures of habit, we ate at our usual spot and I swore never to go there again.
With full bellies we rode to the ferry and they announced the 2:40 ferry would be an hour to an hour and a half late.  We rode back toward town in the afternoon heat and opted to crash at Odlin park where we chased everyone out so we could have this cabana to ourselves.
Hottie presiding over "our" rest area.  
We returned to the terminal and it turned out the ferry hadn't even left yet, and we wouldn't be departing until 5:40, three hours later than planned.  On the bright side, it wasn't cold, so we didn't freeze. On the downside, it was warm and our soggy pants and dried sweat didn't make the time go any faster.  First rule of travel? Be flexible.  We chilled and went with the flow.
I'd follow that ponytail anywhere.   We made it home by nine.  A long day, but a nice day.
This is NOT how you are supposed to wear your gloves.

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