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Monday, August 6, 2012

Better than a horn Chain-L lube review

I am trying out Chain-L lube on the chain of my commuter bike. So far I like it. It stays on and keeps the chain quiet. Water seems to have little effect. It isn't the cleanest and it goes on like honey. I don't dare hang it in the garage above Hottie's car after I lube it. I lube it, wipe it, ride it and then wipe it and hang it. I used it through the wet winter and it has proven to be a fine product. More on that in a future post.

While it was sitting awaiting the post lube ride to work a drop must have fallen on the brake track on the rear rim. As I was descending I tapped my brakes and my rear wheel made a sound much like a ferret in a blender (without the blender sound). I won't answer any questions as to how I know what sound a ferret makes when it is in a blender, suffice to say, it was a squeal and it was really, really loud.

Later on my ride the sound caused a guy to drop his keys as he was opening his car door when I slowed approaching an intersection. The sound was so loud it was not a "hey, I wonder what that sound is?" look. It was a "What the hell is that? Is that beast going to try and kill me?" look.

It is worth noting that this is the first commute I can recall where I left the house wearing a short sleeve jersey and had nothing on my arms (except muscles and hair)...

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