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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

KLM lost my freakin luggage

This is a monument to Luzar, the Patron Saint of lost luggage. As you can see the guy on the right is trying to take the shirt off the guy on the left because his suitcase is at a bus stop in North Dakota..
In my flash reports from France I kept saying more later. Well, it's later. First off, I was rerouted and when I arrived in Geneva, no bike, no orange duffle. The absolute lack of excitement on the part of the airline was insulting. First, keeping a straight face when they tell me they have NO idea where my luggage was. This was followed by a nonchalant, "it happens all the time," that may have been meant to calm me, but instead only caused me grief.

The next step in killing my spirit was handing me a $25 KLM flight credit. Since this was the first time in my forty years of flying I had set foot on a KLM flight, I don't expect I will using that any time soon.

When I got exasperated at the counter they handed me what I dubbed the YFK (Your F'd Kit) that had a one size fits some T-shirt, a toothbrush and the world's worst razor. There was a set of the socks they give you on international flights for reasons I won't go into here. I ended up cutting out the toe and making them into cycling arm warmers. Yes, my life was sucking..

I called (at $1.59 a minute) to check status which was another exercise in futility. it seems the system is not proactive, but is more of a "if we happen to stumble across it, we'll let you know..."

I had spent six months training for this trip and I was in France with no bike and one pair of socks.

To fast forward I got my bike on our third day and they found my bag with my clothing in it just in time to deliver it to my house on my last day in France.

I can buy a pair of shoes from Amazon and track them 24/7 untbuttery land on my doorstep, but a bike box and a big orange duffle get lost my an airline. Ute, a German who rode with us said, "that is unacceptable."

I will submit my claim to KLM for the clothes I was forced to buy and the cell phone charges to call chasing my luggage. I will update this to let you all know the outcome. I will also be writing Alaska to express my disappointment that there was no escalation path for this and that my loyalty and frequent flyer status seemed irrelevant in this crisis.

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