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Friday, July 20, 2012

Bikes vs. Cars Extreme Irony

Flashy in a visibility kind of way

This is my commuter bike. On it I tempt fate four times a week when I commute on it Tuesdays and Thursdays. My hope is that motorists keep away from me and that I do the same.

Hottie rides on the roads as well.

Hottie reported an encounter with a motorist that I felt compelled to share. It seems Hottie was riding with her rear light flashing away and wearing a red jersey with pink and white highlights. To say she was visible is an understatement. A car whips past and the side mirror nearly takes off Hottie's arm. A hundred yards up the road that same car sees a grey squirrel the size of a baseball running across the grey pavement and the guy "slams on his brakes so hard he almost goes through the windshield."

I am assuming everyone else sees the lunacy of a driver who either doesn't see or doesn't care about a human bicyclist, but will risk life and limb not to hurt a (non indigenous) squirrel. THIS is the world we ride in.

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