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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Is it too early to talk of Cyclocross ?

Got you !  It's a trick question.  It's NEVER too early to talk Cyclocross!

Just like in late November the neighbor who left his Christmas lights up all year is suddenly back in style; I am no longer a lazy mechanic for not removing my tubulars at the end of last season.  Now I am just super prepared for my 2012 Cyclocross campaign.

While I approach Cyclocross with a historic (for me) amount of base training, I must confess I was absolutely schooled on the team ride today.  Very early on the throw down my legs felt tired and then they felt tight. Like I was wearing a pair of shorts three sizes too small.  I had felt tight before the ride and had been sliding on my stretching, but I was sucking.

I backed off and then noticed some clicking in my drivetrain. I looked down and saw my rear cassette wobbling. "Loose cassette," I said to myself.  It got worse and soon I was forced to confine my riding to the two highest cogs (12t, 11t).  This was great until on the return trip the road started going up and down and I couldn't downshift.  Maybe you heard the "pop" as I went off the back a second time.

When I got home I pulled off my cassette. As if I was superman, I had sheared off the cogs front the spline.  I stopped in at Gregg's cycle and asked them if they could share this with SRAM.  I'll keep you posted.

Flexibility and intervals are in my future.

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