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Saturday, July 7, 2012

France Rest Day Recovery Please

Feral Dave, Tom, 2020 John, and Matthew in Grenoble
The cramps in my legs turned into knots and I spent the day stretching and rolling a water bottle over the lumps in my legs. We visited Grenoble and found the lone bike shop was closed on Mondays.  Welcome to France.  We were staying in a Hotel at L'Alpe d"Huez. Despite the wonderful views we exercised our American sense of entitlement to defile the views by hanging our kits chamois side out to ready them for the next days mission.

The bike arrived just before dinner and although the case looked as if it had been dragged to the hotel.  I opened the case and began assembling the bike as if it was Christmas morning.  I took a spin around the parking lot and almost hurt my face I was smiling so big.

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