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Friday, June 1, 2012

Panaracer Rivendell Rolly Poly Tire Review

Almost a year ago I bought a set of Roly Poly 28mm tires for my commuter.  I considered Gatorskins and the Specialized Armadillo, but out of love of the sport, I went the Rivendell route and bought a set of these babies.

They are amazing.  I've put over a thousand miles on them and haven't had a flat.  I even ride with a frame pump.  Based on the Chouinard principle (if you carry bivouac gear you'll bivouac, if you carry rain gear it will rain, if you carry a frame pump, you'll get flats, get it?) I should get flats all the time.

I should note I ride these through anything andy don't even work to avoid ugly stuff much.  Glass, road salt, gravel, crushed rock, the bark that makes up the Shire trail.  Nothing phases these monsters.

How do they wear?  See the boxes that look all checkerboard-like? Each box has diagonal tread that alternates direction.  A thousand miles and the little diagonal tread is still there.  I wonder if I park my bike under some pyramid that channels cosmic energy. Kind of like the guy who keeps his razor under a pyramid and hasn't had to change a blade in five years...  The wear is beyond epic, it's Devine.

They make my cheap frame feel plush and since they are fat I don't fret  about pumping them up every day. This morning I did pump them up and they were about 50 when I started pumping, so they were about that for my ride earlier this week.

Let's summarize what we've learned children; they wear like steel, they ride okay, I can't imagine what you have to do to get a flat, and they cost less than those fancy schamancy tires from Europe.

Five out of five.  A bargin at twice the price.

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