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Monday, June 18, 2012

Packing for FRANCE baby !!

After a wet ride to the fictional ski station atop Cougar mountain on Saturday, I cleaned the bike I call Velo Noir and split it in two (actually into many parts) and packed it in the stealth case.

On the ride El Hefe was imagining Horst scouting the route of our upcoming cycling trip. Driving the backroads of France, navigating using a map generated by the French Resistance during the closing days of WW2.  That is what makes it special. Horst's knowledge of the area is unmatched.  The fact that Horst is German didn't cross my mind.

Just like Johan Bruyneel had to select his team for the Tour de France, my bike equipment (gloves, bibs, socks) have been competing for the chance to find their way into the orange bag and journey across the pond and get to do their job in France.  The white gloves made the cut, the long fingered black ones.....sorry son, you need to stick to the domestic racing scene for 2012...

It was wild to bid adieu to my teammates and say, "see you in Morzine."
This funky radio tower isn't in Morzine, but it is in Paris, where I change planes Friday morning..

I will do my best to keep you up to speed on the trip in real time..

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