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Friday, June 22, 2012

En Route

My past year of travel has been almost exclusively on narrow body aircraft. In the profession, we refer to these as, 'single aisle' aircraft. This is in sharp contrast to my years of international travel on wide body aircraft.

This second leg of my journey has been in a 777. I can't say I'm in a flying germ tube as it feels more like a theater in the sky. I was able to get some sleep. Finally my body let me know it was tired of pretending to be comfortable and so I gave up on trying to sleep. I would estimate I got in four hours of sleep-like consciousness, and I concluded it roughly at 7:45 CET (Central European Time).

I just made the fatal mistake of seeing the time in my home time zone. My iPad has no idea where we are and just as I was feeling downright 'perky' because of my sleep, a cup of airline coffee and my watch telling me it is 9:25, I see my machine indicating it is 12:25 in Seattle. Ouch. Like so many things, it is better to have a vague idea rather than to know the details.

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