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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Days...just days

We had an event at work today and I was offered a donut.  I declined.  I haven't been working my ass off to then turn around and wolf down a (tasty) blob of grease and sugar that would then affix itself to my previously mentioned ass and force me to drag it up countless meters of climbing in France.

Thanks to a busy couple of weeks a work and nights spent doing work on our bathroom remodel the time has flown by.  I was counting the weeks before my France departure, but now it isn't even days, it is a week from Thursday.

I realize the trip will fly by and then what. I am a goal seeking machine and this has been a goal for many months.  The trip made many decisions non events.  Raining on a scheduled commute day? Ride.  Raining hard on a Saturday morning; pack a jacket. Short or long? Long.

Some of the suffering was epic.  The Medina Marge ride (also known as the gross socks ride) will be spoken of for years to come.  I'm not a Belgian hardman by any stretch, but since some of those tough rides, we don't complain, we just do it.  It is a quiet confidence that speaks for itself.

It has been rewarding to be able to execute the plan.  Now I get to enjoy the fruits of my labor and hopefully minimize the suffering in the Alps.  

Check out the framing!  I can barely bend my fingers. Sadly, I know the feeling will come back in a few days....  Hey, I get to ride in the French Alps..

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