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Monday, August 30, 2010

Gluing Tubulars for Cyclocross the DAVO way

I am doing nothing more here than passing bits of knowledge that have come to me on to benefit others. The best way to glue tubulars for Cyclocross comes from Stu Thorne and can be found here Stu An alternative can be found here if you can’t find any Belgium tape CX Mag . Lennard Zinn has a treatise on the subject here Zinn .

My confession de jour is that when I glue, I am sloppy. So I have learned the following and it serves me well. Start by putting electrical tape on your braking surface all the way around. Do this on both sides. Electrical tape is perfect because it stretches enough that it won’t wrinkle and you can protect the surface from errant glue. Then just because I am a slob, I put blue painters tape on the remaining rim surface. If you have way cool carbon rims, why make them ugly with glue? Yeah, nobody plans on getting glue on the carbon, it just happens. It just happens unless you cover the rim with blue tape. If you get really good you can just put in on one side, and on that side just on the half opposite the valve stem. If you follow anyone’s gluing method, you will understand why the blue tape can go just in that one place.

Then when you are applying glue to your rim in a wheel stand, you can make sure everything is covered. I use a lot of glue. My wheels stay on. I am not planning on changing anything. Got it ? Good.

Another precaution I take is I have my box of blue gloves handy and change gloves often during the process.

After all appears good (like in 24 hours), then put in some sealant, Evo prefers CaffeeLatex if you must know. And if you have expensive sidewalls, don’t forget the Aquaseal.

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