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Monday, August 23, 2010

It's a bike. It knows what to do

Just taking a break..

My Cyclocross team has a regular Sunday morning ride. The ride actually pre dates the formation of the team. Our team is somewhat unique, in that we are a Cyclocross team with a handful of guys that do road racing. There are a bunch of teams that have dozens and dozens of road or track riders and a handful of those guys and gals who do cross. We enjoy a love hate relationship with the other local teams. To some we are the embarrassing cousins from West Virginia because we are Cyclocross focused and cross is viewed by many as the red-headed stepchild of cycling. Those who have ridden or raced with our team know us as nice guys who ride fast (Evo excepted) with a degree of socially responsibility.

This past Sunday it was raining at the appointed time. Typically we can get upwards of fourteen souls for one of these rides in August. By contrast we usually have five or so in February. Our brief summer seems to be sputtering out just as it got started, so we are all looking toward late September and the beginning of the greatest sporting event on earth; Cyclocross.

Imagine my surprise when big John and Evo were the only two to roll out yesterday. We enjoyed a wet, but social, ride around the island. It reminded me of what a great guy John is. Maybe we’re all good guys and we just forget it when we are trying to kill each other as we roll around Mercer Island.

We got wet, but heck, there are worse things. It is just fun to ride a bike. Sometimes we get too wrapped up in minutia.

Today after spin class I was talking to Spinner John about Cyclocross and we started getting all excited talking about bike handling technique. Then I uttered the greatest advice I’ve ever heard about technique; and a phrase I have shared so much it could easily be mistaken for my own. “It’s a bike. It knows what to do.” We so often over-think the perfect line, or angle of attack; we forget the wheels are round and if we point them where we want to go, the bike can usually get us there despite our intrepadation.

So my message to you is just go and ride. It will probably be fun, and I promise you, the bike knows what to do.

Just hang on and SMILE !!

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