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Friday, August 20, 2010

Chris King Hub and DT Swiss 465 Rim Review

In all its celestial glory !!

As my loyal readership recalls, an untimely component failure forced to Evo to make an emergency upgrade last month. The resulting rear wheel is comprised of a Chris King Classic Cyclocross hub, DT Swiss 14/15 gauge double butted spokes and a DT Swiss 465 700c rim. The Cyclocross hub is essentially a CK classic hub with a larger non drive side hub flange. The spokes are the absolute classic road wheel spokes: and I have 32 of them, laced in a 3x pattern. Some might say my selection is bland and boring, I prefer to call it proven and sturdy. The rim is the same ones I have on my Seven and they are excellent.

I laced the wheel with pretty high tension and I did a good job of de-stressing the spokes during the process. The wheel is so solid it is scary. CK boasts about the 19.5mm diameter axle as if God whispered in Mr. King’s ear that this was the size to have. Maybe it is the axle, maybe it is the materials, maybe it is the precision; but whatever it is, it works.

I readjusted the bearing preload after lacing the wheel; just like the manual said. I did notice slightly more drag than I would have liked, but much less than I expected after reading owner comments on the web. Kevin commented that the increased drag for the first forty hours was probably still better than most other wheels in their prime. The solid feeling seemed to justify the trade off. I built this wheel just before our Oregon coast odyssey. As the trip progressed the wheel broke in, and my affection grew stronger.

The fabled sound was neither excessively loud nor offensive. In fact, it came to be a sound that was savored. Kevin, my brother in all things non-Shimano, was particularly smitten by the sweet sound of the angry bee. I have since noted that Hottie’s Campagnolo hub yields a much louder clicking sound. Hottie remains true to the Italian brand shunning any conversation that entertains any other component supplier. Likewise my DT Swiss Hubs have a loud and crisp sound.

The rim is equally solid and remains true. I opted for the all silver rims to retain the decidedly classic appearance of my steel bike. I am torn between bragging about the fine wheel I have built and trying to remain humble and grateful for being able to ride such a fine wheel.

ATMO (According to my opinion) these hubs and rims set the standard by which all others are judged.
Five out of five Evos.


Greg said...

How is the drag coming along on these hubs? has it gotten better?

EvoDavo said...

It has gotten LOUDER and smoother. I would not have thought those two things would have both happened. I don't think it is too loud and I miss it when I ride my other bike that doesn't have the CK hub. I could not be happier with the hubs. The wheel is still bombproof. I was cleaning the bike today and after some wet riding it was in need. Dirty BB, dirty headset, but the hub was clean inside. Highly recommended..