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Monday, August 16, 2010

Pullman Weekend

Sweeties in wheaties

My oldest son, Zach got married to a wonderful woman on August 7th. His bride was born in, and wisely moved away from, Pullman, Washington. Her folks made the long drive from Pullman for the wedding in Seattle. Hottie and I gladly hosted them for a BBQ the day before the wedding and that went well enough. To address the family and friends in Pullman who were unable to make the trek across the mountains, there was a reception encore in Pullman this past weekend. Hottie and I made the trip to support Zach and Julie.

The happy couple in between the happy couple..

Hottie spent four years in Pullman while she attended Washington State University. She had not been back since her sister graduated twenty-some years ago. We split the drive over into two chunks spending Friday night part way and arriving relaxed before lunchtime Saturday. The scenery for our drive was beautiful: golden, rolling wheat fields below cloudless blue skies.

We opted for a short bike ride to Idaho and back. After cleaning up we went to Idaho for cheap gas and dinner. The reception was in the evening and the mix was entertaining.

We rode to Idaho and back !

Sunday morning we were on the bikes a little past eight and the temperature was perfect. We snapped these shots of an unhurried ride.

The day required only a light embrocation..

Fun riding !

After cleaning up we loaded the war wagon and made for the coast. We were loaded down with gifts from the wedding. Sadly, none were for us..

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