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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Training Update June

Angels around the Peloton ?

While I intend to keep the miniscule details of my training between myself and my training advisory board confidential; I will share some tidbits for the good of the community.

The weights seem to be helping. I think both the leg strengthening and core conditioning make a huge difference. I note that when I am putting the hammer down on rollers, if I am a gear too high, I can still muscle through and keep the pace without having to click down to keep up my cadence. The yoga is still like a miracle drug and I’m not giving it up. Speaking of miracle drugs, I am taking a supplement recommended by Hank that is pure voodoo. Hank is such an analytical person that I can trust his voodoo recommendation without too much hesitation. I won’t incriminate myself further, but I will say it appears to be equal parts molasses, prune juice (actually what I guess prune juice tastes like), and Pennzoil.

On a recent weekly team ride I was able to hang with the group and dared to push it a couple times. This is a position I have been in before, but not in a long while, and never with these bicycle mercenaries.

I plan to start interval training in late June with an eye toward cross in the fall.

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