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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Peek a boo summer

I saw my shadow. Only six more months of rain!

Yesterday Paulo and I rode at lunch. We started with wet pavement and dark skies. Luckily I had my fenders on, but Paulo got a stripe up his back from the wet roads. A cool breeze gave my bare legs a chill. My vest was stuffed in my jersey pocket ready to be donned if the dark clouds decided to dump on us. Working up a long steady grade I finally warmed up. Nearing the top we were caught by a light. I realized I that I was feeling warm and that there were patches of blue sky. In a few minutes we were down by the water and the pavement was dry and we had sunshine. The ride back to the office was dry and the clouds came and went.

Once we were back in the parking lot I paused before putting my bike in the car. I wiped off the wet debris that had accumulated on the ride. A coworker, who was returning from lunch, was squinting in the bright sunshine. He commented on what a great day it was for a ride.

Driving home from work I was able to both wear sunglasses and use my windshield wipers. This morning I ran before work and got soaked. If April Showers bring May flowers, what does rain in June do for us?

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