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Friday, June 11, 2010

Spin Class

There is a spin class at our local YMCA that Hottie and I attend semi-regularly. There are bikes for nineteen people looking to suffer for fifty minutes or so. The class has grown in popularity to the point where on Monday and Friday there is a 6 AM class AND they added a 5 AM class as well. When they added the 5AM class I wonder who, if anyone, would attend so early in the morning. To my surprise, it is better attended than the 6AM class. There have been days when both classes were completely full. Usually there are one or two vacant bikes per class. There are other spin classes at other times, but these are the ones we attend. I am pretty regular at the 6AM Friday class and Hottie is a regular at both Monday and Friday. Spinner John teaches the 5 and 6 AM classes on Monday and Fridays.

There is predictably a cast of regulars. Although everyone misses now and again; and we all have gotten to know each other in the class. Last Christmas we got together for an informal dinner out and that was quite the change to see people wearing street clothes. In my opinion, some looked better, some looked worse.

There is a lot to like about this spin class. The bikes are absolutely first rate. I generally like the music and have gotten downright Pavlovian with a couple of the songs. The music choices are somewhat eclectic, but enjoyable. Spinner John is a cyclist outside of class, so the images he calls to mind in class have real world application for me. The familiarity of the group is comforting, but at the same time the conversations can distract from the class itself.

Before we joined the YMCA I had not been inside any YMCA since I was twelve years old. I expected stinky locker rooms and worn out equipment. I was so wrong. The gym is first class, with well maintained equipment and good folks staffing the place. Towel service is free and there is an amazing array of classes offered.

Last week I squeezed in a weight workout in before spin class and that only “enhanced” my spinning experience. I have done “the double” once (the 5AM and 6AM classes back to back) and it did little other than reveal the shortcomings of the saddles on the spin bikes.

I find that to improve I need to leave my comfort zone and do more than I would on my own. When I am riding, I enjoy riding with guys that are faster than me so I can improve. This spin class does two things for me; first it gets me to work out on days when I might otherwise sleep in, and when I do come if the mood is right and the music hit me just so, I will really push it.

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