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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fifteen, Twenty, Twenty-seven

One speed is all you need

Fifteen weeks till Starcrossed kicks off the REAL Cyclocross Season. As El Jefe' advised me, if it is fashionable to wear white, it is too early to race Cyclocross. Twenty weeks until the Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships. Twenty-seven weeks from now, assuming they have a reprise, would be the Clydesdale Championship of the Universe.

I check the pressure of my tubies every week or so and pump them up as needed so they don’t go flat. My Single Speed project has been successfully completed.

With most of the northern hemisphere seasonably warm and on the brink of being hot, why do I find myself thinking about Cyclocross? Perhaps because today is this eleventh straight day of rain here in Seattle. In normal years I am getting in midweek, pre-work rides with the sunrise at five in the morning. This year, I find myself looking out the window at the rain as I spin on my rollers with a Belgian Cyclocross (narrated entirely in Flemish) DVD playing in front of me.

Don’t get me wrong, I want summer to come; and I want it now! But as I look outside I can’t help but think about cross. A glance at the calendar reminds me that it isn’t that far away…

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