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Monday, May 3, 2010


What can you say ?

I recall in school when my teacher told us we would be writing an S A. I sat quietly and tried to think what the letters S and A stood for. Simple Answers ? Story Answers? I finally asked and was told the word was “Essay.” I felt a stupid and ashamed. That day at day at lunch I took solace in my bologna sandwich my mother had packed for me that morning. I was lucky to have a mother who made my lunch and laid out my clothing every morning. She did a lot for me, but that day on my way home I realized she had forgotten to put gas in my car. I was pretty upset but I remembered the smiley face on the cake she had baked for my seventeenth birthday some ten months before, and I smiled. I decided to give her one more chance. To this day, I get a little uneasy when I hear the letters S and A, or hear the word Essay.

I just wanted you all to know that.

We enjoyed a low-key weekend that included Hottie and I sharing a couple bike rides. On Sunday we hooked up with Le Cannonball and the Energizer Bunny (Bunny for short) for some easy miles on the Burke Gilman trail.

Bunny and Le Cannonball

Taking a break on the trail

Riding on the trail brings together all of the extremes of cycling. You have families on Wal-Mart bikes being passed by dentists on titanium and carbon Serottas. You have slow bikes, fast bikes as well as double wide strollers and the full spectrum of people on inline skates. This assortment in combination with people walking their dogs with fifty foot retractable leashes gives everyone the opportunity to share the trail. Those hoping to go fast either ride this trail early or late, or stay off it all together. For those foolish enough to be out in the middle of the day as we were, you learn to get along.

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