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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

DDC TOC Part one of three.. The southbound Journey

So many choices..

At the appointed hour Evo, Hottie, Betty the Beast (BTB) and Tux the wonder dog climbed into the fully laden war wagon and we departed under clear skies for the Golden State. As we made our way south the landscape got greener and warmer with each mile. Making good time, we opted to alter our evening plans and drove on to Redding instead of crashing in Medford. A little smart phone search gave us the name of a hotel and while Norman Bates didn’t check us in, we were happy to leave early Friday morning.

I made electronic connection with Spinner John and we determined to rendezvous at the Pearl Izumi outlet in Vacaville. The conspicuous parade of while legs and lightly worn sandals let others know we were from Seattle.

A fine lunch of tamales followed, and shortly after we checked into our hotel for the next three nights. While Hottie and Tux settled into our room and BTB napped in hers, I went for a short ride to shake the travel out of my legs and pick up my ride packet. The packet pick up was oh so typical. OCD guys (and gals) wearing I’m so tough T-shirts from other rides.

Pasta loading was fun and I climbed into bed later than I had intended. Hottie asked me if I was nervous. “I’m excited,” was my quick reply. The bike was working, the weather was looking good, my aches and pains seemed to be under control. The roads looked nice and the support was supposedly legendary, so I just wanted to get started...

The bike ready to roll...

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