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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Davis Double Century Equipment Observations

Don't call me "Spot" The name is TUX !

This is my fourth post on the DDC TOC trilogy. Kind of like how there were five films in the ROCKY trilogy. For those readers who kept close track, there was actually a sixth Rocky movie, and since Stalone is still alive, we need to leave that door open.

Giro Pneumo helmet
Perfect. I am sad they have discontinued the Pneumo. It vents my hot head like nothing else.

Jawbone glasses
Perfect. I used dark lenses and had no problem in the pre sunrise light, and they were great when the brutal sun was beating me down…

Descente Liner sleeveless shirt
Liner shirt in hot weather hard to tell as there was no control group. I was hot, and I was kept dry. Would no shirt have kept me cooler? I don’t know. This mesh Descente liner is a great garment and I didn’t bake. On a side note, I do know that I rode this weekend in a Patagonia Cold weather “CRAFT-like” liner and it felt cold and clammy. Once I got cold in the coffee shop I didn’t warm up until I was home and stripped it off. Descente 1, Patagonia 0. I have been buying Patagonia stuff since 1977 and this is the first Patagonia garment to let me down.

Giro Monaco gloves
The padding was fine, and the ventilation was good as well. I was disappointed the black color seemed to bleed unto the heel of may palms, and the edges of my jersey pockets were likewise showing black stains which I attribute to the gloves.

Pactimo “Hank” Bibs
My first impression when I rode these was that the chammy pad felt like I had four slices of swiss cheese under each cheek. The pad is thick, and I am a thin pad kind of guy. With that said- I had twelve hours of happiness in these. The pad seemed to disappear when I was pedaling. It is between these and my Giordana Red bibs as to which is my best. I guess since I wore these, they win the prize.

Sidi Shoes
My feet felt sore on the bottoms from the road vibration and I feel like I am spilling over the side (suponating) of my left one. So I can’t give these five stars. I will try and put a new insert or similar treatment and see how they do.

Aliante Saddle
I can recall on centuries standing up and reaching back and squeezing my saddle to see if there was any padding, or if my saddle had somehow turned to stone. The Aliante was perfect, no hot spots, no friction, and total happiness.

Brave Soldier chammy goo
This is different stuff. You put it on you and let it dry (sort of) and then bib up. I supplement this with some Belgium Butter and was so happy. The logic is this. When you ride, if your skin is moist it is more likely to chafe and have unhappiness. This is kind of like petroleum jelly, but it isn’t therefore it won’t kill your chammy. It helps the skin be…..tough. Not sure how to describe it. When I supplement with a traditional chammy cream like Assos, that stuff provides the lubrication and the Brave Soldier keep my skin happy.

Belgium Budder Chamois Cream
This is my new favorite. While Assos is perhaps the “thinnest” of the chammy creams and DZ nuts is thicker, the Belgium Butter is thicker still. Still slippery, but I think this stays in place better. Sorry for the extensive diatribe, but to us cyclists, this is important stuff.

Sustained Energy
I had some the other day just to see if it was my error, or if I wasn’t meant to use this stuff. It was my bad. The stuff works and if you keep it fresh it tastes like a cross between toothpaste foam and pancake batter. If it starts tasting like bread dough, spit it out.

This is the best stuff. They supported our team and it was appreciated in every way.

Little camera
I have a little Cannon Powershot that I keep in my jersey pocket. It is a great machine and I am glad I brought it along.

Hincapie low cut socks
I wore some low cut socks by Hincapie. They were fine. A little more padding on the bottom might have helped.

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