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Monday, May 31, 2010

Seattle is actually an Indian word meaning “tease”

Grey sky, green leaves and wet pave'

This week has been an exercise in teases. First, our spring has quite suddenly turned to October with dark, wet skies and cold temperatures. The team ride last Sunday saw the reemergence of tights and jackets. The space heater in my office is working again. The Seattle sports scene is making us all feel like Cubs fans. How is it that our baseball, football and soccer teams all suffer from a lack of offense? Although they say defense wins games, seems to me the outcome is actually offensive points/runs. Our Mariners win a couple games and we suddenly envision the turnaround of the decade. Yet we know our hope will shortly be crushed. Unlike NASCAR nobody pays for number of laps (or in this case innings) led. I can't confirm it, but I believe the M's are leading the majors in games lost in the ninth inning. The Angels did it last night with a walk off.

Our weathermen and women smile as they predict doom and gloom with alarming inaccuracy; and yet we tolerate their poor performance with the same fatalistic attitude with which we cheer on our sports teams.

Hottie and I did enjoy a dinner on our deck last week; the fleeting spurts of sun are welcomed like an old friend. The problem is, in May, we expect to see more of this friend.

Recent travel to California and Arizona reinforced that while hot places are nice to visit, I do love it here in Washington.

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