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Monday, March 24, 2008

Top Ten Item – Earband

I know biking is all about turning the pedals, but being comfortable makes life so much more pleasurable. Riding around Seattle you see riders out every weekend. I know other climates are harsher, but in those places most riders either take off the snowy months or log time on the trainer watching old TdF videos. Out here you can ride without too much hassle nearly every weekend.

When the situation calls for a shorter flat ride it is hard to beat the Sammamish River Trail. Part of the fun is to see what everyone is wearing. Riders in parkas with fur hoods (really), and people in shorts with bright red legs and grimaces. Headwear ranges from bald heads, to helmets, to beanies under, and over, helmets and everything in between.

It is here I feel compelled to share an insight bestowed upon me by the Hottie. Earbands rule! Not the polartec kind that the wind whistles through but either some windstopper variant, wool, or something like the Pearl Izumi Microsensor that wicks moisture away and cuts the wind.

An Earband and a vest add a huge temperature range to your outfit. While a beanie is great when it is really cold, once it warms up it takes up a lot of real estate in your jersey pocket. The earband keeps your ears warm (duh) and makes all but the coldest temperatures bearable without making your helmet too tight or any of the other problems associated with thick headgear.

As for today’s ride. A nice 35 with some power. I had missed some late February rides when tabulating my mileage, and my YTD mileage is actually now 909. The photo is of Lake Washington from the bike trail.

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