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Saturday, March 15, 2008

California Dreaming

More wet rides. I close my eyes and dream of California sunshine. Another ride where it didn’t rain on me, but wet roads made and fog chilled me to the core. My fingernails hurt it was so cold. I recall my first Century, The Wenatchee Apple Century in June 2001. I read all about how to wear camelbacks and prepare for the heat. I tossed a shirt and shorts in and drove over the Cascades for the ride. The next day it was cloudy and it rained hard. More than my bike was blue that day.

Today I passed 700 miles for 2008. Not bad for me. Here is a photo taken by Hottie up in Skagit earlier this week. Flat light makes it a tough shot. These birds seem to love the weather. Lucky them.....
Sunshine, I want Sunshine !!!

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