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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Almost the last day of winter and finally some strength !!

Almost the last day of winter and finally some strength !!

After my last ride I was wondering about my strength. Despite climbing some steep hills and putting in a century a week or so ago, I have not felt strong since I stopped commuting. This isn’t to say I have not ridden fast, or far. I just have not felt like I had the horsepower to punch it when I needed it. Not quite like I was bonked, but I was riding with the caution you exercise in the first 25 of a 150 to 200 mile ride. You just don’t want to shoot your wad.

Today I finally felt some strength in my legs. When I hit hills on the ride today I didn’t have to choose between attacking and suffering or gearing down and doing a weenie climb; today I just rode it with power and cruised to the top. Likewise on the long flats of the Burke-Gilman trail I was able to push the pace and get some respectable K’s in.

Speaking of K’s I have often wondered about tracking all of my mileage in kilometers for a year. Or would I refer to it as tracking all of my kilometerage ? Too deep a thought for me.

I brought along my seldom used HRM and it seems to be working well. I tried my gel flask and after figuring that you had better keep it upside down in your jersey pocket (at least when it is 40 degrees outside) it also worked well. I also used my emergency expando-saddle bag and it performed commendably. I continue to work out the kinks for the Solvang ride.

Today’s photo was taken during my ride along Lake Washington on the Burke Gilman trail. If it isn’t sunny out it usually isn’t too crowded. And if you really want to hammer on your bike…..ride somewhere else.

Yet another image, this time of a kiteboarder out yesterday at Richmond Beach.
Let's put this winter to bed !

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