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Monday, March 24, 2008

Baconfest 2008 – Almost on visual

March 29th is now showing up on long range weather forecasts. It looks to be a perfect day in and around Solvang. A busy few days and then we are off. The crappy weather continues and even my neighbor commented on how poor it has been. Here in the Northwest we are aching for spring to come.

Two or three more rides and then we pack and roll.

I’ve gotten the miles in and the strength has come late, but it has arrived. Usually I start strong and have to add the miles, but for the first time it was the reverse. Either way, glad I’m here…
I did my first ride without and earband on Saturday. I’m not saying it was warm, but it was the least cold it has been for a while and the bright yellow orb made an appearance.

I can almost hear the Bacon starting to sizzle as Betty the Beast prepares for Baconfest 2008 !

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