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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

When it comes to traditions we’re just not rule followers

The best Mother’s day gift ever given was something Hottie gave me.    I received a Groundhog Day gift for the first time in 2016. It is awesome!  Despite claiming to be a romantic; I gave Hottie bike shoes for Valentine’s Day.  She loves them.  Such is our world.

Hottie wore a gold colored dress for our wedding.  We had stick figure bikes on top of our wedding cake. We rode mountain bikes together the morning of our wedding.  We have a tradition of breaking traditions and it is working very well for us.
Even when I was fast enough on a bike to justify shaving my legs I didn’t do it. Hottie kept her maiden name when we got married and I am glad she did.  Keep your last name or change it, just don’t hyphenate – talk about a half step…..

We have square plates and forks with three tines.  The saga of Hottie’s injured arm started from an incident sledding with grandkids.  No grandmother of mine ever climbed into a sled with me.  We are not following the norms and it seems to be working.

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