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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Just passing through

Scheduled car maintenance resulted in a reroute of my bicycle commute earlier this week.  It took me on a route I used to ride fairly often.  It is interesting what we choose to remember and what we choose to forget. 

I enjoyed the lack of cars on the interurban trail in Snohomish County. I remembered that well.  I had forgotten about the poverty and crime that can be seen along the route.  As I was riding along I locked eyes with an addict shuffling down the sidewalk. Not only did he strive to maintain the stereotype by wearing dark hoody and baggy low slung jeans, but the blown out eyes and gaunt face just screamed, “Meth.” 

Just ten minutes past the government housing I found myself passing a trendy condo complex.  The cars were bigger and shinier. This route goes by stores, businesses and a mall.  Soon I am in a residential area and the tempo slows accordingly. 

The combination of a novel route and the increasing daylight provided the visual feast in contrast to my usual route which my mind has allowed to become invisible as a result of the repetition of route. 

I shall strive to introduce some variations to my routes in 2016.

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