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Monday, February 1, 2016

Coffee and Lies #162 February is the month of hope

After Thanksgiving the speed of the year just accelerates until it seems the day after Chismus is January first.  Then when you are back at work and you see the next paid holiday is five months away time seems to come to a standstill.

When the days were darkest you had to create your own motivation.  I can assure you that the nobility of suffering does not provide a lasting inclination for serious training.  No matter how much you visualize yourself in black and white the rain is still wet and your feet get cold.   

A specific training objective certainly helps.  Perhaps more than anything else, having experience with following a plan and seeing the payoff helps when the task at hand is ugly.  I have been creating plans since I could write so drafting the plan has never been an issue.  Sticking to the plan amid the dynamic thing we call “life” is a challenge that is not unique to me.

I reach into my suitcase of bullshit for any and all tricks to motivate myself.  Sometimes that is focusing on the short term, sometimes it is thinking long term. I promise myself a reward.  I think of lean times.  I pretend I’m young. I pretend I am fast. I eventually concede I am old.
You use all the tricks and do the work and it becomes habit and suddenly it January is coming to an end.

Then it happens ever so slowly.  You realize that the days have finally started to get longer.  People start talking about Baseball.  Your base mile rides begin to show results.  You master the nuances of dressing for cold weather once again.

Spring isn't coming for a while yet.  But there is hope.

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