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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Coffee and Lies # 165 Contingency

 One of my best days on a bike...
I had a really good ride this past Saturday.  In old currency it was over seventy miles and over four thousand feet of climbing.  I ate a bunch during the ride and finished strong.  I was tired after the ride but not shattered. It felt good.

On the one hand it might seem a bit early to be increasing the volume when my target is in June.  Then again; perhaps not……

On Sunday I woke up with a sore throat and made the uncharacteristically wise move of skipping the Coffee and Lies ride.  It reminded me that my plans have to include contingency for unplanned events like illness.   I’ve already got travel scheduled in May that dictates I skip a week of riding just a month in advance of my big trip.

The message there is I should be in full condition in early May and then take the four weeks after I get back to get BACK into the shape I was in when I left….

Setbacks happen and I am hoping my plans provide enough contingency to allow me to miss some days and still hit my goals.   That necessitates aiming high and dealing with reality.

Wish me luck!

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