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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Vance Creek Road Race 2013 Report Photos link

Photos from all races can be found here !

Note the mud specks on my face, the rain on my glasses, helmet and flying in the air.
When I'm hurting, this is how I smile.

I felt okay today; nothing was sore before the race.  It was supposed to rain, it did, that was okay. It was kind of fun.  Vance Creek was the first road race I ever did a few years ago.  There is one big hill and my first year I was thrown out the back like yesterday's oatmeal. The year I did it I hung on the hill for the first lap, and was victimized on the second lap.

Today I climbed with the group on the first three (of four) laps and then I was gapped on the descent and worked with a guy named Jason from Olympia Orthopedic (OO) and we closed to within about twenty seconds and then I was spent and Jason was able to bridge up.  When we made the turn for the final climb I was only down seventeen seconds.  I tried to close it, but could not.
Evo hanging with the lead dogs !!
I finished 11th and my time was a full five minutes ahead of the Masters 50+ winning time.  They did, however get rained on much harder than we did.  Maybe I'll get the nerve to race with those guys sometime..  Maybe.

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