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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Coffee and Lies #17 It happened at Camp !

Grandpa Evo and Clay-Baby sharing a moment
I am still recovering from the Ronde last weekend.  I spoke to my oldest son and daughter this week and they confirmed they felt tired for several days after I finished.  THAT is how hard it was; I went so hard my kids were tired.  I took it easy a couple days and then did some intervals on my morning commute on Tuesday. About ten in the morning my body said, "Watch it bonehead."  I took it easy on the way home and cut it back the rest of the week.

It bombed rain and that made cutting back a lot easier.  Still I was looking forward to some man time and so I made my way to the rendezvous on Capital Hill on Sunday morning. Despite a fast crowd we had a rather social ride.  The rain that had been relentless, relented, at least for a couple hours and we enjoyed a dryish ride.

One of our clan was talking about an upcoming trip to a YMCA camp with his son.  I recalled some experiences with my children at camps. I shared the time one of the kids that was along had forgotten a toothbrush and I had brought a "still in the wrapper" spare.  I gave it to the kid and felt good about myself all week.  On the last day the kid gave me back the toothbrush. It was still in the wrapper, he hadn't used it.

Those camp days were tough on the adults. We had to be up before the kids, keep up with them all day long and then go to sleep after they gave up the ghost each night. I remember coming back to the office after being at camp all week and having a coworker ask if I felt refreshed after my vacation.

It was a challenge keeping up with my grandkids this Saturday.  I hope I'm ready for a sleepover.

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