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Friday, March 15, 2013


A younger and thicker Evo flatting at the back of a race
While some would like to say, "We make our own luck," experience says all kinds of factors play into it.  John told me I was skilled in moving up and avoiding the crashes that plagued the race last week.  It feels more like I was just lucky.  When KLM lost my luggage that was just plain bad luck. When the weather in France stayed perfect so I didn't need more clothing than I was able to scrounge, that was just plain good luck.
Not me !

I've had some good luck in my early season road foray and it would be easy to attribute that to more meaningful things like training and smart racing. In reality, it is just some good luck.

On Wednesday I started feeling really tired and left work early. I felt like I was getting sick and sure enough, a sore throat and head cold followed. I stayed home Thursday and Friday. It has been so long since I was sick enough to miss work, I can't recall the last time it happened. I usually trust in my ability to sleep off any ailment; but I am now drinking tea with honey (or, more accurately, honey that is diluted with tea) like it is going out of style.

No race for me this weekend.  I'll just be glad when I can swallow and not feel like I gargled with broken glass and chased it down with a cup of vinegar.

Since I've had so much good luck in my life, I can't complain when I get a sprinkling of bad now and again.  I guess I could, but really, it wouldn't get any traction...

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mobygrape said...

I always liked the word "unluck", which you don't hear often enough, unless you hand with the European crowd.

Hoping you keep the unluck away for a while.