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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Coffee and Lies #12 Winter never really says, "Goodbye"

Time to melt !
When winter comes you can point to a specific day. The first day you had to scrape your windshield, the first snow; there are a number of finite criteria that define the beginning of winter.  If it gets warm after that first cold snap, it is still winter.

The last winter storm never announces that it is the season finale.  Starting in late February, there are several weeks when another storm can happen and prolong the winter despite the opinion of a Pennsylvania rodent.

Here in Washington, after what seems like an eternity of highs in the forties, suddenly you see numbers that start with fives.   The days get longer (even more so with our new age "enhanced" daylight savings time) long before they get warmer.  It is still wet, so I'm wearing a rain jacket when I commute.

I see my warmer bike clothes moving to the back of my drawers before making the journey to the winter box. I notice my pile of warm riding gloves hasn't been disturbed in a couple weeks.  Is that it?

The calendar tells us spring arrives in the coming week.  I am excited for spring to arrive.  I just feel bad that winter left and I never had the chance to say farewell.

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