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Friday, March 8, 2013

Geek test Bike geek, that is...

There is a joke among Engineers that the way you pass the Engineering geek test is by starting a sentence, "Do you remember the Star Trek episode where..." Among cyclists there is a similar credo wherein your actions or words betray any presence of coolness and reveal you as a dyed-in-the-lycra bike geek.

If you meet any of these criteria you are a bike geek:

You cut off the ends of the bolts that hold on your water bottle cages to save weight.

You discuss distances using kilometers.

When someone mentions the word, "chamois" you are not thinking about waxing your car.

If you own a gram scale and keep it in your garage, you are a bike geek.

If you have ever referred to a shade of blue as, "Park Tool" blue.

If you can convert your tire pressure into "bars."

If you reverence all things Belgian.

If you have ever joined a conversation about expensive Italian shoes and then had to concede that your expensive Italian shoes have buckles on the sides and cleats on the bottom....geek!

When someone points out your farmers tan you are flattered.

If someone mentions "The King" and you know the King's first name is Eddy, you are correct.

When a cowboy talks about eight seconds and your first thought is Greg LeMond.

You get teased for not shaving your legs.

Your training log contain pivot tables.

The only way your friends find out you are on vacation is based on your Strava updates.

You love the smell of Embrocation in the morning.


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