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Saturday, September 24, 2011

That’s it ?

Like a game show contestant with a parting gift I could not believe my eyes.. – Bare Naked Ladies

Aside from a handful of borrowed moments I feel summer completely missed us this time around. I have little compassion for people who decide to live below airport runways and then complain about the noise. We do live in Seattle, so it can’t be a total surprise; but as far as warm weather goes, this so called “summer” just sucked.

Summer usually starts the weekend after July 4th and ends just before the elite men race in Starcrossed. This year summer began Labor Day weekend and appeared to end right on time the evening of Starcrossed, September 17th. Thirteen days is not the length of summer we dream of around here.

Despite the cool summer I am adjusting to the idea of Cyclocross, sweaters and darkness. Thursday morning I rode to work with a light rain kissing my face. I was warm enough and didn’t push at all and had a pleasant journey. For those of you keeping track, I set a record on my homeward commute last Tuesday with an average pace of 19.8 mph. I don’t plan on challenging that until next spring.

I am still wondering if I am sitting on good form or not. We will find out Sunday. My prediction is that I will be in my usual early season ‘teen finishing position. I said it out loud and I will confess the result after my race in this blog.

A bright spot is that I never actually put pen to paper to make a summer projects list. If I had made such a list, I would be reporting another dismal showing. I never made a list, so no points get deducted.

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