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Monday, September 19, 2011

Starcrossed 2011

I don't look fat !!

After a trying week I packed the car as if by rote. Usually I get excited when I load up the war wagon, but not this time. Bikes, wheels, clothes, umbrellas and my trusty XRTATUF boots that Tim bought me were all loaded and ready for action. Despite seeing several of my teammates had signed up, I was the lone wolf wearing the Maglia Bruno. Warming up in my own little world I rode the course and got ready. My back wasn’t a hundred percent and my head just wasn’t in the game.

Just before the gun went off, I looked behind me and thought, “all these guys are going to pass me.” Not only wasn’t there a 50 plus category, there wasn’t even a 45 plus category. I was racing with 35 year olds. These were thirty-five year old cat three racers. What was I thinking? My oldest son is chasing down thirty years of age. Most of my rivals had raced in the cat four masters race earlier in the day. Starcrossed is where I convince myself every September this is NOT the year to move up a category.

Once underway I was freaked at the speed we went into the first turn with. I was getting passed by riders but I wasn’t at my limit or anything; I just wasn’t comfortable going that fast yet. Where the course opened up I powered along and took back a place or two. The bike was great and I have finally found out what it is like to have decent brakes. Maybe anything works when you weigh a buck thirty, but Clydesdales and former Clydesdales need a lot more stopping power.

As the race stretched out I felt good and was able to take some good lines. I started working my way through the stragglers from the Single speed race and felt pretty good, but I wasn’t flying. Then it was over and I thought to myself, “I could go another 45 minutes.” I had not pushed myself very hard. The good news was, I probably rode as well as I had last year, when I was exhausted, so my form looks to be good. After taking my bike back to the car I went to get my single speed which was my pit bike. I had enough energy that I jogged to the pit and when I got the bike I rode the rest of the course while they were staging the next race. It felt good to be on a cross course again.

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